Attention Note Buyers:

Tierra Group, LLC and its partner's owner finance numerous properties and create real estate
lien notes that are secured by Deed's of Trust.  If you are a buyer of these such notes, and in
the market for a note package, you may
contact us to make bids.  We, along with our
partners, can make offerings of 10 to 200+ notes at any given time.

The majority of our organizations note's are secured by real property in the State of Texas.  
Our note's are generally well seasoned (9 to 12 months).  Our borrowers typically have a
10%+ equity position and are paying ~10.00% annually with terms of 10 to 15 years.

Only serious inquiries are wanted.  Our current note buyers are paying 87% to 100% of face
value with little re-coarse.  If you feel that you can beat our current buyers price's we will
gladly present you a sample of notes to price and offer on.

You may read about our Mortgage partnership under the
Mortgage Business tab.