Company Overview:

Tierra Group, LLC was founded in 2000 to lease and acquire residential real estate, as well as
invest in other real estate ventures.  Tierra Group, LLC is a Fort Worth, Texas based real
estate investment firm whose partnerships include TG Opportunity Fund I, LP, TG-MF1,
LLC, TGSB Mortgage, G.P. and TG - SJH, Ltd. Tierra Group, LLC and its partnerships own
properties in Texas and Missouri.  We are primarily concentrated in purchasing and
owner-financing lower income residential properties.

Tierra Group, LLC is also in the business of purchasing and selling modest sized houses to
individuals who may not have perfect credit.  In most cases we can put any person,
regardless of credit score or history, into one of our many houses with only a small down
payment and low monthly payments.  Our sale and financing enables those with less than
perfect credit, or those with a few hiccups on their report, to realize one of the many
American dreams of home ownership.  Through home ownership our buyers can improve
their credit and stop throwing their hard earned money away to hungry landlords.  Read
about our Mortgage partnership under the
Mortgage Business tab.

In addition to our private mortgage business, we also purchase and rehab properties
ourselves.  See our
Sell Your House section if you have a property you would like to sell us.

In addition to our financing business, Tierra Group, LLC and TG - Leasing, LLC, a Fort
Worth, Texas based residential rental property firm, also own and operate a number of
residential rental properties.  Our niche market is the surrounding neighborhoods of the
Texas Christian University campus in Fort Worth, Texas.  TG - Leasing, LLC was founded
in 2005 to take advantage of the need for student housing near Texas Christian University.  
Our properties include everything from single-family residences to "Townhouse" style
multi-family units.  Check out our current available